Arepas con sweet lava, ¡Sí Señor!

Basically the best little GF ‘sandwich’ ever and gets even better with a little spice AKA SWEET LAVA...


Fun fact: Arepas are what kicked off Chef Carlos’ culinary career. (He had a food truck that only sold Arepas 🤤)

1  1/4 cup pre-cooked white corn flour 
1 cup water
Pinch salt

1. add 1 cup water 
2. add salt to taste, stir until fully mixed 
3. Incorporate 1 and 1/4 cup corn flour slowly to avoid lumps 
4. Let mix sit for a few minutes until it gets firm
5. Make a ball with dough and slowly start to put pressure with both hands until you get a disk like shape 
6. Grill for approx. 4 minutes on each side at medium-high heat - or until a solid crust is created
7. Cut open and fill with your favorite ingredients! We added butter, scrambled local eggs, pasture-raised turkey breast, cheese and avocado.  Topped it off with SWEET LAVA, DAH‼️

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