Effin Sauce 

Meet the Owners

The secret in Effin Sauces, well. . . sauce, so to speak? Carlos and Kaleigh Dorado. Two creative powerhouses—one a chef, and one a merchandiser—who approach their business like they approach their marriage —always with respect, patience, and love.

They wouldn't have it any other way.

Growing up well traveled, Executive Chef and Owner, Carlos Dorado developed a strong palate and a taste for diverse food at an early age. He spent his childhood learning from his mother, a biologist, how to properly care for animals and the planet. The family of farmers in his life, all hailing from Galicia, Spain, taught Carlos how to use every resource in a sustainable way (nothing there goes to waste!). This early education and love for food sparked a passion that continued to grow throughout his career.

Dorado followed in the footsteps of his father and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics. From there, Carlos moved on to Johnson & Wales University in Miami, FL where he received his culinary degree. To this day, Carlos credits his entrepreneurial skills to Suffolk University and his career to Johnson & Wales, the place where he began as a chef and where he discovered his lifelong passion and true calling.

COO and co-owner, Kaleigh Dorado's first foray into the food industry was at the age of 15 working as a barista to collect cold hard cash to feed her shopping addiction. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in fashion merchandising from AI Miami University of Art and Design. After spending eight years in the fashion industry, where wasteful ways ruled supreme, Kaleigh wanted to give back to the planet. And so, she was inspired to join Carlos in his quest to open a zero-waste restaurant. Now, Kaleigh uses her keen creative eye, as well as her degree and background in the restaurant biz, to wow with all things visual design, including, packaging, merchandising, and social media.

When Carlos opened his own restaurant in 2015, with Kaleigh at the helm as COO, the early education from his family and the training from Johnson & Wales came together as the foundation for the Lunchbox –  the first zero-waste restaurant in Miami with farm fresh food and tasty sauces.

After three successful years in the restaurant industry, Carlos and Kaleigh relocated to New England—a place they both loved for its community, character, and seasons. While they brainstormed alternatives to opening another restaurant, they both realized all of their most popular dishes had the same thing in common: Carlos' homemade sauces.

And so, an idea was born. Effin Sauces.

Tasty AF is where it's at with Effin Sauces. Not to mention protecting Mama Earth in the process. Carlos and Kaleigh offer honest sauces without harming the environment. They searched high and low for the best ingredients, and taste-tested day and night to create sauces that are always U.S.-made and always organic. All decisions from packaging to production are as environmentally-conscious as possible.

The combination of Carlos' culinary degree and economics degree has given Effin Sauces all the tools for its success, and Kaleigh has given it the class to become competitive in today's modern world.

Outside the restaurant, Carlos and Kaleigh are just two fun-loving Aries who obsess over their two bullterrier dogs, frolic in the New Hampshire outdoors, and try not to order the same dish at a restaurant. Carlos thinks it makes them look weird.

But judging from the deliciousness of Effin Sauces, that's a great way to be.

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