Adopt a Bully

Courageous, scrappy, fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless, the Bull Terrier is a loyal, polite, and obedient dog. They become very attached to their owners. The Bull Terrier thrives on firm, consistent leadership and affection and makes a fine family pet. Bull Terriers like to be doing something and fit in well with active families where they receive a great deal of companionship and supervision. They do not do well in situations where they are left alone for 8 hours a day. With the right type of owner this breed is a joy to own, but not recommended for most households. Fond of both grownups and children, but if they do not get enough physical and mental exercise they may be too energetic for small children. Children should be taught how to display leadership toward the dog. Meek owners will find them to become very protective, willful, possessive and/or jealous. Bull Terriers may try to join into family roughhousing or quarrel. They need very firm training and lots of exercise. Bull Terriers must be given a lot of structure, or they may become destructive. Be sure to socialize them well and remain their pack leader 100% of the time, otherwise, they can be extremely aggressive with other dogs.

✱ Because of the breed's clownish, playful nature, the bull terrier has earned the nickname of "kid in a dog suit" ✱

✱ The combination of the triangular eyes and an egg-shaped head gives the bull terrier a unique look unlike that of any other dog ✱

✱ When measured pound for pound, the bull terrier is one of the most muscular dog breeds in existence ✱

Compatibility with children ★★★
Compatibility with other pets ★★
Energy level ★★★
Exercise requirements ★★★★
Grooming ★
Loyalty ★★★★★
Protectiveness ★★★★
Trainability ★★

<3 Adoption <3

Think a Bull Terrier could be the right fit for you and your family, follow these links to find out more about adopting:

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